WANs versus Cloud-based WANs

Differences between the software defined WANs and the cloud-based WANs

There is a myriad of differences between the two technologies and enables the companies to compare and contrast their benefits thus making the informed decision on top of the fact that they allow the firms to focus on benefits that would suit them. The software defined WANs use a particular software that is installed on the hard drives of a company’s computers; the computers are the connected to one another and the server using a given cable or through the internet.


One of the things that make this type of software liked among some of the firms is the fact that the security of the data is high because the operations of the company are managed within the premises using software. The cloud defined WANs use the internet and connects different companies within large geographical locations; this makes the firms able to log into the various departments and branches over a wide geographical area without the need of software to connect the computers of the business but just an internet connection.

The cloud defined WANs is the most sophisticated and is mainly used by the IT companies in the sale and distribution of its products and services. The combination of the content management systems and this type of technology can bring about the best results in keeping website and system of the firm up to date.